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Friday, November 13, 2009

Web Hosting Paling MENJIMATkan!!

EBiz Beginner Web Hosting

It is impossible for plants to grow without lights. And just as the same, it is impossible for humans to be good at something without a strong basic and proper guidance from something, or someone.

Introducing EBiz Beginner, an all-in-one hosting plan compacted into one powerful hosting package to give that strong foundation for everyone with an interest in webhosting. Definitely a perfect plan to help beginners with little experience get started in webhosting and become so good at it, it will leave them wondering why “domain name” was such a mystery to them before!

Key Features Linux EBiz Beginner
Email Accounts 1
Disk Space 1GB
Monthly Data Transfers 1GB
Pay for 1 year ( 12 months ) RM 39.00
Pay for 2 years ( 24 months ) RM 78.00

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The Benefits

There are a lot of good benefits to choose EBiz Beginner Web Hosting Plan for your hosting choice. Here are just a handful of them!

Save time.

Our EBiz Home web hosting plan comes with pre-installed web tools and CMS. It will give you fresh content each time as it only takes a few minutes to update new content. With the installation of powerful tools like Joomla, PHPBB, WordPress, DotNetPanel and etc which is included in the package, you can even get your website tap-dancing to your favorite tune!


You can also run PHP and MYSQL-based applications on Exabytes EBiz Beginner Web Hosting plan. This provides you with greater flexibility. You donĂ­t have to maintain separate hosting accounts for your PHP-based application and ASP-based application. Now you can host both under the same roof, same hosting account, same web site.

User-friendly interface.

Be rest assured that EBiz Beginner hosting plan's web-based control panel is convenient and easy to use. This powerful yet user friendly tool allows you to manage your hosting with just a few mouse clicks, anytime & anywhere. You can now add, delete or edit content, or anything as such at your own convenience, providing great flexibility and efficiency.

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