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Monday, August 11, 2008

What Is Extrinsic Student Motivation?

What Is Extrinsic Student Motivation?
By Ray Andrew Platinum Quality Author

This is no different for students, they need some kind of motivation to do their homework and study, however sometimes that is a difficult task. Usually if a student loves what he is doing or likes the topic that he is studying, he will not have problem getting motivated.

The problem is that many students especially at high school don't like some of the subjects they have to study everyday, so they just do the minimum work to pass the class. To increase their performance the teacher needs to find ways to actively motivate them.

Extrinsic motivation

When we are talking about extrinsic motivation we are referring to external motivators like incentives and rewards, this is the most common way that teachers and leaders use to increase the performance of their people.

Some common extrinsic student motivators are:

Giving extra points for doing a good work

Let the student exempt an exam

Giving a grade for their knowledge

Punish the student for bad performance

Giving a reward to the best performing group

Those are some of the common extrinsic motivators for students. However, the teacher needs to find creative ways to motivate them beyond rewards and incentives. The most effective kind of motivation is intrinsic motivation, which means that the student has a real interest in learning the subject.

Some creative ways to motivate students could be to challenge them, let them debate, let them challenge your views, present live case studies, interact with them with questions and answers and many other ways.

If a student is not motivated he will not perform in most cases, the teacher has to actively find ways to motivate them and create an interest in his class.

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