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Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Increase Student Motivation?

How to Increase Student Motivation?
By Ray Andrew Platinum Quality Author

As students grow up it becomes more difficult for them to concentrate on the subject and they get distracted more easily with their adolescent problems. So at high school it becomes a challenge for teachers to keep students attention.

To keep their attention, teachers have to increase student motivation and they need to do it in creative ways. Teachers can not rely just on their speech in class to make students pay attention, they need to engage their students mind in the subject of study.

Teachers need to create an environment of collaboration and interactivity to keep students motivated and engage in the class activities. But how do yo actually increase the students motivation?

There are several creative ways that you can use, for example if you want them to do homework, give them something creative and interesting to do, instead of just studying a lesson, make them make a presentation and debate with the other groups of the classroom.

Students will become more engage in the subject if you can create controversy and encourage different points of view. Challenge them to come up with creative solutions or alternative solutions to what is already established.

Let them create what if? scenarios and create alternative solutions, give them rewards for the best investigations and work done. Grades are not enough motivation for them, you have to make it fun, you need to engage them in a challenge.

Other kind of solutions to keep students motivated is to use let them know that at the end of the class you will make a lesson or that you will ask random questions to them. These methods can work, but is more a scare technique that works just short term.

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